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Sgt. Cash

ATTEN-HUT!  You better get on your feet, lock your body, and show some respect because Sgt Cash is on deck!  After testing his mettle on the drill fields of Parris Island, and battlefields the world over Sarge has come to IWF looking for a fight.  After realizing that nobody joins the military for a paycheck, Sgt Cash struck out as a mercenary and is willing to sell his particular set of skills (inflicting pain!) for anyone willing to foot the bill.  He has no respect for the all those people he sees as lazy, long haired pukes, and is always ready to put his combat boots into the gut of anyone who stands in his way!


Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 215 lbs.

Hometown: Parris Island, SC

Birthday: September 11

Debut: 2015

Finisher: Sgt's Splash

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