Results 2022

IWF 'ALIVE 25' 25th Anniversary Event

April 23, 2022 @ Rec Center, Nutley, NJ

Sold-Out Event to benefit American Cancer Society's Relay For Life

1. Dark Oracle Sage defeated Jayden Stehle.


2. Supersonic KC Bonilla defeated former WWE Superstar Nunzio.

3. WWE Hall of Famer Mr. USA Tony Atlas (w/ manager Eloy Fiesta) defeated East Side Dave (with bodyguard Vin Digi) in a Bodybuilding Posedown.  Ken Reedy served as Host.


4. IWF Tag Team Champion Master of Chaos Kevin Knight (w/ Bert Baron) defeated Robert Atkins (w/ Brian Atkins).

5. Justin Bongiovi & Benjamin T. Asher defeated Mad King Glenn Burgess & Zay Spaulding in a tag team match.

6. Cyborg Rick Recon defeated Brian Atkins to win the IWF American Title.  Atkins was defending the title on behalf of Andd Bivians.

7. Dark Oracle Sage won a 15-Person Over-The-Top-Rope RUMBLE to win the IWF Heavyweight Title.  Participants included Brian Atkins, Robert Atkins, Cyborg Rick Recon, Supersonic KC Bonilla, Jayden Stehle (w/ Vin Digi), Justin Bongiovi, Benjamin T. Asher, Glenn Burgess, Zay Spaulding, American Bulldog Ken Reedy, All-Star Michele Dee (w/ Eloy Fiesta), Ezon Leverett, and Dungeon Kid.

Announcers: Bert Baron & Ken Reedy

Referees: Mat Greene & Rene & Ray