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Golden Boy Michael Cammett


Few athletes live up to the hype, but Michael Cammett proved his worth in record time and is in the fastlane on the road to glory.  As captain of his former scholastic sports teams (football, indoor and outdoor track & field), The Golden Boy applied that leadership experience and athletic prowess to professional wrestling.  Inside the ring, his well-rounded mat game and aerial offensive moves set a standard for all to follow.  The combination of strength, quickness and high-voltage energy ignites his relentless desire for success and that keeps fans screaming for more.  Cammett's determination and work-ethic sets him apart from the pack leading to championship titles, tournament trophies and a 24-karat gold future.

Michael Cammett is a former IWF American Champion, former IWF Tag Team Champion with Kevin Knight, and former IWF Junior Heavyweight Champion.  Michael was voted IWF 'Wrestler of the Year' by the fans in 2014, 2015 and 2016.  Michael captured the 15th Annual Tournament of Champions crown in 2016.  Cammett won the 11th Annual Commissioner's Cup Tag Team Tournament in 2015 with Shawn Donavan.  Michael's bout with Kevin Knight from May 2, 2015 at Rec Center, Nutley, NJ was voted 'Match of the Year' by the fans.

Michael began training at IWF Wrestling School on May 1, 2014, debuted on Live Events June 13, 2014, and graduated from the program December 5, 2014.  Michael was head coach for IWF Wrestling School Youth Clinics, and assistant coach in the adult program.  Michael was recipient of IWF Community Service Volunteer Award on June 24, 2017, along with David LaGreca of Sirius XM Radio and Bert Baron of WCTC Radio for their dedication in supporting IWF Community Outreach Program.  Upon Michael's untimely passing on June 26, 2021, Michael was inducted into IWF Hall of Fame Class of 2021, and recipient of IWF Lifetime Achievement Award during IWF's 24th Anniversary Events in August 2021.

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 196 lb.
Hometown: North Arlington, NJ
Birthday: December 22

Debut: 2014
Finisher: Flying Dropkick & Top Rope High-Cross

Titles: IWF American.  IWF Tag Team.  IWF Junior Heavyweight.

Awards: IWF Wrestler of the Year 2014, 2015 & 2016.  Tournament of Champions Winner 2016.  Commissioner's Cup Tag Team Tournament Winner 2015.

Honors: IWF Hall of Fame Class of 2021.  Lifetime Achievement Award 2021.  Community Service Award 2017.

Official IWF Statement on the Passing of Michael Robert Cammett, Jr.

(June 30, 2021)

“When IWF Wrestling School moved from Woodland Park to Nutley, Michael Cammett was the first person who submitted an application.   He submitted the application on Christmas Day in 2013, three days after his 17th birthday on December 22.  He had only turned 17 years old – but applicants needed to be 18.  His application was so professionally written that after speaking with him and his father, I found that he was well polished for his age, and we let him get started.  Six weeks after he started training in May 2014, Michael wrestled on his first live event in June 2014 – the fastest anyone in the school’s 22-year history that a new trainee qualified to compete in a match.  This while he was a senior at North Arlington High School, where he was co-captain of the football team, and co-captain of the winter and spring track teams.  Michael is a former IWF American Champion, Tag Team Champion, and Junior-Heavyweight Champion.  Michael was voted IWF Wrestler of the Year by the fans in 2014, 2015 and 2016.  Michael captured the 15th Annual Tournament of Champions crown in 2016.  Cammett also won the 11th Annual Commissioner's Cup Tag Team Tournament.  In short order, Michael became assistant coach for our adult training program, became head coach of our youth clinic program, was the head of our merchandise and concessions department, coordinated our live events and birthday party fan events, appeared and signed autographs at every community outreach appearance, and assisted as facility manager at the training school and arena.  Michael also represented IWF in the Nutley Chamber of Commerce and represented IWF on the Executive Leadership Team for American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life of Nutley.  His parents, Jody, and Michael Sr. were front row at every event, and provided a tremendous support system and set him up for success, both in and out of the ring.  When we closed our Nutley location in late-2017, Michael decided to retire from wrestling, having felt he accomplished everything he could, and wanted to focus full-time on his studies, as he was a senior at Rutgers Newark at the time.  After graduating, he pursued a doctorate in physical therapy and just completed his first year this past May, with two years to go.  He was a champion in the ring and in the community, a role model, an animal rights advocate, a rescue dog owner, and he will be remembered forever by everyone he encountered.  We lost contact with each other for about a year after he stopped wrestling and when I went into semi-retirement, but we rekindled our friendship in 2019 and he became my little brother again, and we supported each other even though we focused on differing career paths.  I last spoke to him a week ago, as he was going to be inducted into the IWF Hall of Fame at our upcoming August 21-22 Live Events in Nutley to benefit American Cancer Society.  Now, those events will also be dedicated to him, and all net proceeds will be donated to Relay For Life in his name.” – Kevin Knight, IWF Founder and Head Coach at IWF Wrestling School

“I love him with all my heart.  I will miss his amazing smile, vibe, generosity, respect, and love to others.  Rest in peace, Michael, and see you on the other side,” – Rik Ratchet, IWF Co-Founder and IWF Advisor

“Mike was a bright, intelligent kid who had a passion for professional wrestling.  He participated in many seminars I did for the IWF, and he always stood out.  He excelled every time I watched him work in the ring.  Mike was a pleasure to be around, train and work with.  He was smart enough to know there was life after wrestling and pursued his education for after wrestling.  I enjoyed our talks and I enjoyed training him over the years.  He left us way too soon.  I'm going to miss him.” – Dr. Tom Prichard, Legendary WWE Head Coach and IWF Wrestling School Guest Coach

“I can't describe how heartbreaking it is to find out about the passing of Michael Cammett.  An incredible young man.  As a professional broadcaster I can tell you firsthand that Michael was one of the most talented young men I had the pleasure to be around.  He was a everything.  There was absolutely nothing he could not accomplish.  He did it with confidence, ability, and strength.  He also did this while staying humble and true to himself.  In a word, he was GOLDEN.  Michael inducted me to the IWF Hall of Fame with a Community Outreach Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.  It was an incredibly special moment.  You will be missed, my friend.  His life was short but long in possibilities and he gave so much!” – David LaGreca, host of Busted Open wrestling program on SIRIUS XM Radio

"Anytime I had the pleasure to interact with Michael, it was obvious that he was driven, intelligent, and most importantly extremely kind and caring.  I will fondly remember our talks about pro wrestling and seeing him excel.  I was proud of him and the direction his life was heading.  He always impressed me in every way.  He’ll be greatly missed and fondly remembered with love by everyone." - Shawn Bennett, WWE Referee and IWF Wrestling School Graduate

“Michael was a great guy.  One of the more genuine people I have ever met.  He had an infectious smile.  Nobody worked harder than him in everything he did.  I helped him with various nutritional programs, and he was always eager to learn.  I am going to miss him dearly.” – Michael Carrubba, CEO and Founder of Allie’s Naturals and Clinical Sports Labs, and IWF Advisor

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