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East Side Dave McDonald

East Side Dave McDonald is the star of The East Side Dave Show and Davey Mac Sports Program.  In the time he's been involved in professional wrestling since 2017, Dave is a menace to both wrestlers and fans alike!  His calamites include embarrassments at the hands of WWE Hall of Famer Mr. USA Tony Atlas, WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana, WWE Legend Gillberg, WWE Legend Nunzio, and IWF Hall of Famer Eloy Fiesta.  East Side Dave also broke a record for the shortest amount of time competing in an over-the-top-rope second!  Give him credit, as he will not quit until he manages his wrestlers in The East Side Empire to championship gold, including The Atkins Brothers and Benjamin T. Asher!  East Side Dave can also be heard weekday mornings on 95.9 WRAT Radio in Central New Jersey.

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