IWF Wrestling Training School
@ IWF Centre, 75 Franklin Ave, Nutley, NJ 07110
WWE Superstar Darren Young visits IWF Wrestling School
 Shawn Bennett / Darren Young / Danny E Anfibio
Training in a Friendly & Safe Environment Since 1999.
39 Home-Grown Talents Worked for WWE & TNA, with 11 Receiving Employment.
- Attend Live Event to Visit the School and Watch Students & Grads in Action!
- Or Visit During Open House Tour: Tue, Dec 1, 6 pm

JBL John Brawshaw Layfield IWF Seminar  "Kevin Knight does a great job of training future stars of sports-entertainment.  To make it in professional wrestling today is tough because there are no more minor leagues...this is why what Kevin does is the future of the sport.  Kevin has the best facility and methods for training I have seen...I wish I had this when I started." - Former WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield
WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana  “If you want the best school to become a professional wrestler, it’s all about the IWF. From learning how to wrestle, from learning how to do interviews. There have been many wrestlers who have had the door opened for them in the WWE, why, because they know what they are doing in the IWF. They give you the time and the training that you need. The number 1 school is the IWF, and I am a part of the IWF. I guarantee you, the students do learn.” - WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana
Honky Tonk Man  "IWF School continues to provide top-notch training necessary to become a successful professional wrestler.  Desire comes from the heart and Kevin Knight is passionate about making sure these students are aware of the dedication you must possess…both mentally and physically…to work hard every day to improve in the ring as a performer." - WWE Legend Honky Tonk Man
Dr. Tom Prichard  "IWF impresses me in many ways.  Kevin Knight and everyone involved are constantly looking for ways to improve and help their students be the best.  I enjoy doing clinics at IWF because I know the students are hungry and looking to better themselves.  Kevin has taught these students the respect for the business and this is why I would recommend his people for extras and training partners for WWE Superstars." - WWE Trainer Dr. Tom Prichard
Kevin Knight / Pix 11 / Jim Powers  "I've traveled all over the world countless times.  I've been in every gymnasium and wrestling school...I've been everywhere.  But now, I find the IWF and their training facility.  Bar none, this is the finest training facility and wrestling camp that I have ever come across.  A tremendous facility with all the potential to be world-class.  I have attached myself to the Independent Wrestling Federation, to this facility, and to Kevin Knight, and I will make sure that we produce nothing but champions!" - WWE Legend Young Stallion Jim Powers
Bushwhacker Luke  "Just wrestled for IWF in West Paterson, NJ, with old ring rival, now amigo, Tom Prichard, and had a great time. Anyone interested in becoming a wrestler in the area, this is the company. They have a great training facility and Tom Prichard, WWE head trainer at FCW in Tampa, frequents the school and does clinics.  Check it out mates!  The greatest training camp in the world." - WWE Legend Bushwhacker Luke
David LaGreca / Sirius XM  "Just took a tour of the new IWF Wrestling facility with Kevin Knight.  Absolutely amazing.  Future is bright!" - Sirius XM radio host David LaGreca
About IWF School:  Aspiring wrestlers ready to rumble into sports-entertainment and be a WWE Raw, SmackDown, NXT or TNA superstar can fulfill their dream.  IWF School, in our 15th year, offers first-rate instruction in a friendly and safe environment.  Established in 1999, we train hundreds of wrestlers and managers from 20 states and 9 countries that perform in bouts worldwide.
The new IWF Centre in Nutley, NJ is a dynamic, state-of-the-art facility with amazing features such as a new wrestling ring, padded amateur wrestling/MMA room, dressing rooms, bathrooms, showers, pro shop with merchandise, concessions & supplements, lobby & lounge, private party room and offices.
39 home-grown IWF Students & Grads worked for WWE & TNA Impact, with 11 receiving employment:  
Darren Young signed with WWE in 2009
Fady The Bull Rakman signed with WWE in 2010
Robbie E signed with TNA in 2010
Flex Freeman signed with WWE in 2011
* Referee Shawn Bennett signed with WWE in 2013
* Referee Danny E. Anfibio signed with WWE in 2013
Rich Ross supervises WWE programs on USA & NBC Universal since 2008  
* Vladimir Kozlov signed with WWE in 2005 
* Dawn Marie trained at IWF and had her first-ever match with us in 2001 before signing with WWE in 2002.
* Kev Kage joined WWE Creative Services in 2012
* Drew Chimenic joined WWE TV Production in 2009
18-year pro Master of Chaos Kevin Knight worked for major groups including WWE, wrestling against countless Legends since 1996.  He has experience in all aspects of entertainment and combines his knowledge into formulating a successful strategy for success.  Graduates wrestled on Raw, SmackDown, NXT, Heat, Velocity, TNA Impact and appeared in WWE TV commercials, Undertaker druids in WrestleMania XX and more.
IWF hosts regular Clinics & Seminars with Hall of Famers, Legends & Superstars:
* WWE Legend John Bradshaw Layfield (2009)
* WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana (annually 2006 - present)
* WWE Legend Honky Tonk Man (annually 2002 - present)
* Legendary WWE Trainer Dr. Tom Prichard (annually 2002 - present)
* WWE Hall of Famer Bushwhacker Luke (2015)
* WWE Legend Young Stallion Jim Powers (2010, 2011)
* WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat (2004)
* UFC and WWE Legend Ken Shamrock (2002)
* WWE and ECW Legend Stevie Richards (2003, 2004, 2005)
* WWE and ECW Legend Nunzio (2003, 2004, 2005)
* WWE Diva Dawn Marie (2000, 2001, 2002)
* WWE Legend Tom Brandi / Salvatore Sincere (2000, 2001)
Graduates network within the entertainment business appearing in TV shows and commercials.  Former referee Kev Kage starred as Rangers hockey mascot Bobby Granger on MSG Network and worked with WWE Creative Services.  Michael T. Blake, Shawn Donavan and Shawn Bennett wrestled on Nickelodeon WACK and Danny Phantom Ultimate Enemy.
We offer wrestler, referee, manager and diva training 4 days a week, year-round, whether its your hobby or a career.  Classes cover basic holds, high-flying maneuvers, character development, interview skills, and tape studies to evaluate progress so you reach maximum potential.  We assist in making connections, and trainees display skills at Live Events.
School open to males & females age 16 & up in good health, preferably with a sports background.  Course length approximately 8 months and qualified students can earn a spot on events after 3 months.  New beginner classes start the first day of each month.  To apply, visit Application Page.  To join, visit Enrollment Page.  For class schedule, visit Schedule Page.  For ages 13 to 17 we host monthly Youth Clinics.  If you are interested in visiting, please attend a Live Event to watch our students and graduates.
IWF School Instructor Safety Certification:
Kevin Knight:
 *  CPR, AED & Choking Certification (for adult, child & infant) by American Heart Association & Lifesaver Techniques LLC.
 *  Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Coach Certification.
Biggie Biggs:
 *  First Aid Certification by American Red Cross.
 *  American Red Cross Professional Rescuer.
 *  AED, EPI, PEN Certifications.
Roman Zachary:
 *  First-Aid, CPR, AED & Choking Certification (for adult, child & infant).
Kevin Knight / Darren Young IWF Grads Shawn Bennett and Danny E Anfibio referee for WWE NXT  
Did You Know?  Since 1999, students from 20 states trained with IWF from Alabama, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.  Students traveled from 9 countries, including Canada, England, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Puerto Rico and USA. 
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