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B•Inspired Podcast: Body Slamming Cancer with Kevin Knight

Updated: Oct 21, 2022


WALL TOWNSHIP, NJ- The world of Pro Wrestling can be a chaotic one, but IWF’s Kevin Knight has used live wrestling events to body slam cancer and build a stronger community. For anyone grappling with the desire to help others, you'll find inspiration from Kevin and his amazing story!

Kevin, a professional wrestler, has committed his life to the pursuit of his dreams with having performed over 715 live IWF shows, training wrestlers and making a difference for charities in the community. Some of those charities are American Cancer Society, United Way and many more.

"It's so cool to have Kevin Knight on this episode of the B•Inspired Podcast series," said host Bert Baron. "I had the honor of serving as a guest ring announcer at some of previous IWF fundraising events."

B•Inspired Podcast Season 5 is dedicated to Golden Boy Michael Cammett, 1996-2021. Michael was a rising star in the world of professional wrestling. He died in a tragic accident this past summer. His memory and legacy will always be remembered by family, friends & fans.

"Hear Kevin's message of giving back and inspiring others too," said host Lisa Anderson. "I love his message of kindness and strength."

B•Inspired Podcast is an audio/video Podcast where we bring you real stories from folks just like you and I who share stories of love and loss, struggles and perserverance, laughter and tears and overcoming adversity!

B•Inspired Team included hosts Bert Baron and Lisa Anderson, and Michael R. Doyle, Irwin Sternberg, Rod Weber, Rebecca Mae Gruber, Steve Szymke, Sean Sternberg & Miguel Duval.

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