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Southside Slugger Tony Graves

From the mean streets of South Philadelphia, Southside Slugger Tony Graves is here in the IWF to make a name for himself.  Spending seven years in the United States Army, Tony knows the in's and out's of sacrifice and giving his all for what he believes in.  After obtaining the rank of Specialist, Tony received additional training in martial arts and military combat, and is ready to use all his fighting abilities to slug it out with the best of them.  Whatever challenges IWF may throw in front of this dangerous man, Tony plans to take what he feels rightfully belongs to him. and that's championship titles.  Graves is a former IWF Tag Team Champion.  Tony began training at IWF School in July 2015, debuted in October 2015, and graduated from the program in March 2016.

Height: 6' 0" 
Weight: 225 lb. 
Hometown: South Philadelphia, PA 
Birthday: February 4 

Debut: 2015

Titles: IWF Tag Team 

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