Originally hailing from the sand dunes of the Middle East, Markous, M.D. was born and bred in a state of turmoil, where the only hope for many young individuals was to escape to the land of the free.  While surviving the treacherous landscapes of Arabia, unlike everybody else who loved soccer instead, he grew up watching and loving his favorite heroes of professional wrestling.  After arriving in the United States of America at age 14, he jumped at the chance to train in amateur wrestling – following in the footsteps of his great grandfather, the legendary 7-foot behemoth Bear Baksh, a known grappler in Punjab.  Markous also excelled in his academic career and went on to train as a physician.  In the squared circle, he combines his intricate knowledge of the medical arts, human anatomy and athletic ability to a decimating advantage in the ring.

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 185 lb.
Hometown: Cliffside Park, NJ
Birthday: May 30
Debut: 2019


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