Independent Wrestling Federation LLC
IWF Wrestling School Youth Clinic
Monthly Weekend Clinic for Ages 13 to 17
IWF Wrestling School, Nutley, NJ
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IWF Wrestling School Youth Clinic IWF Wrestling School Youth Clinic  
Objective: This instructional clinic provides youngsters an exciting opportunity to enter the ring and experience the training methods of a wrestler.  Kids have fun as they learn basic moves and techniques in a friendly and safe environment under the direction of 20-year pro Kevin Knight.  As an added benefit, we'll help participants build self-confidence, learn discipline, feel energized and touch on the importance of health and fitness.  For those who participated in previous clinics, you will learn new advanced moves and techniques at each new session you attend.  Qualified particpants ages 16 and 17 may be invited to join regular training program after completing Clinic.
Upcoming Session Dates:
*  Sat, July 8 -&- Sun, July 9, 2017 
*  Sat, Aug 12 -&- Sun, Aug 13, 2017 
Time: 10:30 am to 2 pm  (doors open 10 am, snack break 12 pm, pick-up 2 pm)
Ages: Boys & Girls 13 to 17 in good physical & mental health.  No experience required.
Eligibility: Kids must turn 13 by first day of session, and cannot turn 18 before final day of session.
Early-Registration Fee: $89.00 per session (online registration). Limited availability!
Late-Registration Fee:  $99.00 per session (register at door ONLY if spots remain, cash or check).
Parent Reminders:
* MUST be in good physical & mental health, and possess good coordination & cognitive skills.
* Kids will be grouped accordingly by age and weight and athletic skill.
* There is a waiting room / lobby available for parents during the Clinic.
* Facility offers changing room, bathroom, Gatorade/Water/Soda machine, Protein Bar/Shake sales.
* Parent/guardian must sign Hold Harmless Waiver provided by IWF at Clinic.
* Kids perform in Special Practice Exhibition for parents, family & friends on final session Sunday at 1:30 pm!
What You Need:
Class Attire: shorts or sweatpants, t-shirt or sweatshirt (knee pads recommended)
Foot Wear: good sneakers (fully laced), or amateur wrestling shoes.
Gym Bag: towel, extra shirts, change of clothes, notebook, pen.
Registration NOW Underway:
* Limited to 12 kids per session.  Register online below via PayPal or Credit Card.
* All registration and fee payments are non-refundable.
* Late-Registration Fee at door is $99.00. (ONLY if spots remain). 
* For child absence due to illness only,.credit will be granted for future session.
* For questions, please email (serious inquiries only).
JBL John Brawshaw Layfield IWF Seminar  "Kevin Knight does a great job of training future stars of sports-entertainment.  To make it in professional wrestling today is tough because there are no more minor leagues...this is why what Kevin does is the future of the sport.  Kevin has the best facility and methods for training I have seen...I wish I had this when I started." - Former WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield
Register Now:
$89.00 Per Session

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Printable Permission Slip: IWF Youth Wrestling Clinic (please bring to first day of clinic):
Child Name: _________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________     
Phone: _______________________________ Email: ________________________

Address: _____________________________________ City:__________________
State: __________________ Zip: ___________________

Parent/Guardian Name: _______________________________    Cell Phone: ______________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________    Emerg. Phone: ___________________
Session Choice: _____________________________________  
Amount Enclosed: $____________    Make check/money order payable to: IWF Wrestling
… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … 
IWF School Instructor Safety Certification:
Kevin Knight:
 *  CPR, AED & Choking Certification (for adult, child & infant) by American Heart Association & Lifesaver Techniques LLC.
 *  Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Coach Certification. 

IWF Wrestling School YOUTH CLINIC June 2016 IWF Wrestling School YOUTH CLINIC June 2016
IWF Wrestling School Youth Clinic  IWF Wrestling School Youth Clinic 
IWF Wrestling School Youth Clinic  IWF Wrestling School Youth Clinic  IWF Wrestling School Youth Clinic  
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