Mic Time Mike Winner Mike Winner Mic Time Mike Winner 

Mr. Mike Winner considers himself to be a broadcast journalist who gets the inside scoop.  He isn’t afraid to ask the tough question or get in someone’s face to find the truth.  One of IWF Wrestling School's original graduates in 2000, Mike Winner went on to be one of the Independent Wrestling Federation’s premiere managers.  His “Winner’s Circle” stable had success that was second only to “The Ross Family."   Now, Mike promises to help bring the highest quality wrestling experience to the fans as he serves as Ring Announcer at IWF Events.  With 15 years experience in the entertainment and professional wrestling industries, Mike Winner will continue to stir things up in the IWF from behind the microphone.

Began training at IWF Wrestling School in February 2000, and graduated from the program in November 2000.

Mike Winner Mike Winner Mike Winner

Mike Winner Mike Winner