Heartless Hellraiser Dracko Heartless Hellraiser Dracko Heartless Hellraiser Dracko
With a deadly dose of lethal injection, Heartless Hellraiser Dracko is your prescription for pain.  This Powerlifter and Semi-Pro Football Player from the streets of Bayonne, NJ, is a man who would slap his own grandmother in the face for fifty cents.  Since his reign of terror began in 2016, he already captured the IWF Heavyweight Title in shocking fashion.  Dracko has left a trail of carnage scattered throughout the Country with his straight-forward, no-nonsense approach that intimidates many an opponent, as his bloodthirsty intensity makes everyone cower.

Dracko won the IWF Heavyweight Title from Roman Zachary on March 4, 2017.  Dracko began training at IWF School in September 2016 and graduated from the program in June 2017.


Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 230 lb.
Hometown: Bayonne, NJ
Birthday: January 20
Debut: 2016
Finisher: Spear
Titles: IWF Heavyweight

Heartless Hellraiser Dracko 
Heartless Hellraiser Dracko 
Heartless Hellraiser Dracko 
Heartless Hellraiser Dracko